Frequently Asked Questions
What is robocoders.net? Robocoders.net is a professional programming group from different countries with many years of experience in programming trading robots, which have now made their robots available to the public for safe and easy profit, and you can easily buy one of the available robots according to your budget and make money regardless of the digital currency market situation.
Is automated trading by these robots legal in digital currency exchanges? Reliable and large cryptocurrency exchanges provide this facility legally to their users, and programmers can connect to these exchanges by robot programming and perform automatic trades. The success rate of these robots depends on how they are programmed.
Can users register under 18? No, Services are Provided to adults only
How do you guarantee the minimum income of these robots? After years of programming trading robots and testing them in various exchanges, now with the assurance of a high percentage of their success, by designing an advanced trading strategy, we have been able to achieve over 70% success in trading.
What is the trading strategy of robots? Robots in an intricate process that is beyond human ability, by analyzing the market trends and pairs of currencies traded in exchanges, and analyzing price charts using complex mathematical operations, select the desired position and by dividing the available capital into Amounts of $ 100, $ 300 and $ 500 depending on the position risk estimation, make dozens of trades per minute and close dozens of positions at the same time. All of these operations are done in just a few seconds.
Is it possible to register without a sponsor? Yes, You can register without a Sponsor.
What is the “Guaranteed minimal daily revenue”? The daily profit of our robots is not fixed. We guarantee the minimum income of the robots depending on the type of robot you choose, but it is possible that the purchased robot earn more than the guaranteed amount.
How I can start? To get started, you need to register on our website first. You need a valid email to do this. Then, enter your dashboard and select "Buy Now" from the left side menu, select one of the robots from the list. Choose by which cryptocurrency you prefer to pay, from the "Payment methods" list. Click on the "Pay" to connect to the payment page.
How do I get my profit? Every 24 hours, after the daily profit earned by the robot, was determined. Your profit will be automatically credited to the wallet you entered in your profile and there is no need to request for withdrawal.
Is it possible to buy several robots? Yes. The purchase of robots is unlimited and you can buy robots in any number and increase your income. from the moment of purchase of each robot, you will receive the profit every 24 hours.
How Can I Make More Money By cooperation in Selling Robots? You can receive a 5% commission on the sale of each robot by sharing your dedicated invitation link. But first you need to buy at least one robot. These percentages are different for those who join us as official representatives.
How I can join your marketing team as a representative? For this purpose, please contact our marketing department ([email protected]) to be informed about the working conditions as a representative.
Will the principal amount paid for purchasing the robot be refunded at the end of the period? After paying for the purchase of the robot, the robot will transfer the generated profit to your account on a daily basis. At the end of the 90-day period, you have received your principal and interest.
What is the withdrawal of fund limitation? For Perfectmoney payment system there is no limitation, for cryptocurrencies are as below: BTC: 0.001, Eth: 0.015, LTC: 0.05, Dogecoin: 100 Dash: 0.1, Zcash: 0.1, Bitcoin Cash: 0.02, Monero: 0.5, ERC20 Tether: 5