About Us


About Us

Many of us may remember retouching photos before Photoshop, drawing before AutoCAD, editing movies before Premiere, and duplicating calculations before Excel. All of these programs are programmed to do things with less energy and better quality. Making money in the financial markets requires a lot of training, time, and energy. Man also has many limitations; for example, he cannot always be awake, or always be in his ideal form and control his nerves.

With the development of programming facilities and platforms, as well as gaining experience in financial markets, we were gradually able to prepare advanced trading robots to minimize the risk of trading. These robots divide the available capital into very small parts according to the trade’s risk.

And they do countless transactions by connecting to existing digital currency exchanges in a completely legal way, and in this way the risk of transactions is minimized.

After several years of testing these robots and developing them on a daily basis and ensuring profit and minimizing trading risk, at the end of 2020, the project entered a new phase. By launching the Robocoders.net website, we have made it possible for people from all over the world to guarantee their income from transactions by purchasing these robots, and to make more profit from the ups and downs of financial markets, away from any worry. Without wasting time and energy, you can earn money in both rising and falling markets just by buying these robots. We have designed different robots for all budgets, from $30 to $3,000.

You can make sure it works for a small fee and increase your income by buying more expensive robots, and by launching them from your free time and earning a decent income, giving you the freedom to do more important things in your life.

The idea came to us when various expert programmers from around the world were able to overcome the limitations online and work together to maximize our robots. We realized that by launching a decentralized and extensive network around the world without any restrictions to attract different investors, these investors with any amount of financial ability can make a profit by supporting the program while also helping development. As a result of a two-way win-win deal, people who buy robots donate 30% of the profits to the program's founders for further development.

30% of the profits made by robots are spent on current program costs, robot development, program development, and opening training agencies in parts of the world that may have been less familiar with the new world of digital currencies.

We have worked tirelessly for many years to develop these robots, and we were not in a hurry to make it public. But now we have robots that we can confidently give to different people to earn money. And now that we have entered a new phase of our project, we will again introduce and launch our future plans one by one within the next two years.

Robots have come to the aid of humans in many ways. Now is the time to hire a robot with just a few simple clicks and turn off your laptop so you can do your favorite things.

And do not worry about making money in different times of economic crisis. Let's live a more beautiful life without any fear of falling stock, only from our continuous and significant income.

The disadvantage of human beings in trading is fatigue, lack of control over nerves, time-consuming market analysis, and the impossibility of controlling many trades. Robots designed without the need for sleep, with continuous market analysis and accurate calculations of designed algorithms, have reduced the trading risk to a ratio of 70% profit and 30% loss. And they have enabled us to guarantee a minimum profit to earn.

We have tested these robots many times over the years, and we can proudly say that 70% of transactions are completed successfully.

This is a revolution in the world of online trading and you will surely hear a lot about it in the future.